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Disney approved, 3D-Tech 3D cinema solution.

3D-Tech Cinema 3D Distributor


# Sync signal auto detection

# Left/Right eye image switch

# Fast installation

# CE certification


3D-Tech Long Range IR Emitter

# Extended emission angle

# Laser pointer for easy installation


Active 3D Glasses type Clarity and Clarity-kids

The new active 3D shutter glasses are light of weight (Clarity 49grams, Clarity-kids 35grams) and more stylish than other active 3D shutter glasses. Their wear is comfortable and they are designed to fit over prescription, even heavy corrective, spectacles.

The LCD lenses in the glasses incorporate the latest LCD technology supported by a Taiwanese advanced LCD production process. Thus they surpass conventional  π-cell technology, as they not even excel  in technology but also help to reduce manufacturing cost.

3D needs as much brightness as possible and we are proud to announce that our shutter glasses have the brightest 3D solution in the current market.

The shutter glasses are not only light of weight and flexible, they also come with a replaceable battery and renewable earpieces, CLARITY-KIDS glasses are RECHARGEABLE. It all contributes to keep cost of maintenance of 3D digital cinema down.

Energy costs are reduced by low power consumption chips and a power saving circuit layout. Our shutter glasses enjoy a lifetime of some 300 hours at continuous working and one year of standby life.

A option is to equip the 3D shutter glasses with an anti-theft EAS device to prevent lost.

The shutter glasses make use of extended IR receiving windows made of material with high filter capacity. It reduces environmental interference and ensures all-round reception without a so-called black hole.

The shutter glasses also make use of an intelligent automatic ON/OFF device, this to extend the battery life time. The glasses automatically wake up when they receive the IR signal and go into power saving mode five minutes after the IR signal breaks off.

The 3D shutter glasses with built-in power detection function contain an LED that flashes once every second when the 3D glasses are in low power mode to indicate to its user that the battery must be replaced.

Note: The glasses are designed to be working another three hours after the low power indication. It ensures the viewer to finish the movie during low power detection. We recommend, however, to replace the battery immediately at low power detection.

Disney approved.